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Northern Festivals in Kimmirut

The people of Kimmirut enjoy a festival and hold many throughout the year. Tourists are always welcome to join the festivities and truly experience the traditions of the Inuit. Square dancing is a particular passion in the area with dances often going on well into the night. One of Kimmirut's festivals was featured on the television travel show The Lonely Planet.

Hamlet Day

Early April is a special time of year to visit Kimmirut and enjoy the Hamlet Day festivities. Scheduled celebrations include traditional and modern games, contests and races, community feasts, square dancing and much more.

Iqaluit-Kimmirut Snowmobile Race

The end of April brings the round trip Iqaluit to Kimmirut snowmobile race. Part of the Toonik Tyme festivities happening in Iqaluit, this gruelling 156.9 kilometre race features some of the most experienced northern snowmobile racers.

Canada Day

Join us July 1st for Canada Day celebrations. Parades, modern and traditional Inuit games, traditional dress contests, a community feast and much more are amoung the day's activities.


Festivals featuring pageants, caroling, traditional games, square dancing, community feasts and much more make Christmas in Kimmirut an extra special time of year. Join us and experience some true northern Christmas spirit.

New Year's Day Celebrations

A full slate of games and prizes as well as a snowmobile parade and fireworks usher in the new year.

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Kimmirut Children

Some of Kimmirut's young residents

Summer in Kimmirut

Videotaping the fun


Kimmirut youngsters enjoying a party




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