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Kimmirut, Nunavut

Inns North

The Kimik Inn
Kimik Inn
in Kimmirut, Nunavut

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Welcome to Kimmirut, Nunavut

Formerly: Lake Harbour

Kimmirut is located on the south shore of the Meta Incognita Peninsula on Baffin Island and is frequented by sea-kayakers. Canoeists head for the Soper River. The lush Soper River valley passes through beautiful tundra of the Meta Incognita Peninsula to Kimmirut and offers up good whitewater. Ocean-going wildlife watching tours can also be arranged from Kimmirut.

Kimmirut is the closest community to Katannilik Park. The only trees on Baffin Island are found in Katannilik Park, as well as a variety of Arctic flora, considerable wildlife and a pit mine of lapis lazuli, a deep-blue semi-precious stone.

West of Kimmirut are reversing falls. At the high tide of a full or new moon you can watch the ocean reverse and flood Soper Lake with sea water. Nearby Ungava Bay has the second highest tides in the world.

Kimmirut, means the heel, referring to the large limestone formation across the harbour which looks like a human heel.

Kimik Inns North Hotel
The Kimik Inn in Kimmirut

Kimmirut View From Sky
Flying in to Kimmirut

Lapis Lazuli Mine
Lapis Lazuli

Soper Falls in Katannilik Park

Soper Falls in Katannilik Park


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