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Inuit Art in Kimmirut

Inns North

The Kimik Inn
Kimik Inns North Hotel
in Kimmirut, Nunavut

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Inuit Art in Kimmirut

Kimmirut is home to an impressive arts community. Local apple-green soapstone and serpentine soapstone are often used by the Kimmirut artists. You can tour a soapstone quarry located near Kimmirut.

Some sculptors work with ivory. They often produce scrimshaw etchings on the ivory.

Whale Carving

Anu Arlooktoo's Whales

Eliyah Michael

Eliyah Michael was born in an outpost camp near Kimmirut. In 1938, he started sculpting birds in alabaster by watching other people. Now his favourite subjects are drum dancers, hunters, and a variety of arctic wildlife. Eliyah enjoys talking to visitors about his art, usually made out of locally found serpentine stone.

Iola Ikkidluak

Iola was born in 1936 in an igloo on the land north of Kimmirut. He moved to Kimmirut in 1964 and started sculpting birds and seals. Iola enjoys images from the myths and stories he heard as a child.

Temela Aqpik

Temela carvings focus mainly on human and animal figures. He works in serpentine, soapstone, ivory and caribou antler. He mostly uses small hatchets, chisels, and hand files, and finishes his carvings with sandpaper.

Soapstone Polar Bear

A soapstone polar bear carving in the making

Dancing Bear Carving

Eliyah Michael's Dancing Bear

Walrus Shaman Carving

Iola Ikkidluak's Walrus Shaman

Drum Dancer Carving

Temela Aqpik's Drum Dancer



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