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Hotel Services in Kimmirut

Inns North

The Kimik Inn
Kimik Inns North Hotel
in Kimmirut, Nunavut

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Inns North hotels are located in:

Kimik Hotel in Kimmirut, Nunavut

The Kimik Hotel, owned and operated by the Kimik Co-op Ltd., is conveniently located above the Co-op store. The hotel has eight rooms and can accommodate fourteen guests. Each room has private bathroom, a telephone and a television. Please call for rates. The hotel offers great views of Glasgow Inlet and the area across the harbor. You can often see seals and whales off the coast.

Hotel services and features include:

  • Inuit Art
  • private bathrooms
  • coffee service
  • vehicle rentals
  • traditional and Canadian cuisine
  • catering
  • laundry
  • business support service
  • microwave and mini fridge

Their association with the local supply co-operative will help guarantee that your Arctic memories will be warm.

The Kimik Hotel in Kimmirut

The Kimik Hotel in Kimmirut

Single room at the Kimik Hotel

Single room at the Kimik Hotel

View from the dining room

The view from the dining room at the Kimik Hotel



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